Matt Miller is committed to making a real difference in the State of Florida. He has a passion to serve his community and a unique vision to bring about changes that will greatly improve our government.

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Matt Miller's Platform

Matt Miller for Florida Property Appraiser Lee County - 2020

This Nation was made Great By and Through Noble Traditions. One of the most fundamental traditions is for self-made persons to selflessly serve the public, to give back to the community and nation that served as their personal canvas in developing themselves into leaders. These founding fathers, with their lifetimes of experience and skill, would leave their successful private lives to serve as Statesmen for a short term with little pay. They would, after their term, return to their private lives, leaving public life with Only the sole satisfaction of knowing they did their duty as Citizens of this Great Nation they helped to create and protect. Matt Miller is one of these men. Career politicians, by definition, have lost these noble qualities. It’s time to “Save our Future by Restoring Our Past”.


Restore State's Rights

Preserve Private Property Rights

Safeguard Second Amendment Rights

Maintain Local Control over Education

Reform Campaign Finance Laws
(by limiting corporate contribution because people should elect their representatives)

Private over Public Sector

Improve Budgeting Policies to Eliminate wasteful spending

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  • Find the cause of water pollution source
  • Remove Common Core- Bring Back Local Control
  • Protect 2nd amendment right.

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