Matt Miller is committed to making a real difference in the State of Florida. He has a passion to serve his community and a unique vision to bring about changes that will greatly improve our government.

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Meet Matt Miller

Matt Miller for Florida Property Appraiser Lee County - 2020

Matt Miller is a successful business owner and Lee County resident since 1992. He is a devoted husband and father of five and grandfather, who is deeply dedicated to his family, his community and his country. Matt, along with his wife, Dawn and their family reside in Alva, Florida.

Matt Miller served a total of ten years in the US Air Force, including 4 years active duty and 6 years as a Reservist at Homestead Air Force Base, from 1989 - 1998, successfully completing tours of duty in both Desert Shield and Desert Storm with commendations. Matt received numerous achievement medals during his tour of duty.

Matt has always had a passion for community service and continues to volunteer countless hours to assisting those who need help. Whether answering the phones or walking dogs for Gulf Coast Humane Society, passing out food provided by the Harry Chapin Food Bank from the church's pantry every Friday, taking an expedition to Guyana to drill wells for clean drinking water, or sponsoring a Relay for Life team in Lehigh Acres, Florida. Matt Miller is always ready to serve and support the community.

Matt Miller on a Mission Trip to British Guyana, S.A. - 2012

It is only natural that a man like Matt Miller would turn his attention to politics. He has a deep and abiding dream of affecting real change and to clean up systems in our government that are no longer working or can be improved. Matt Miller has been a citizen advocate of Lee County government for the last several years, regularly attending every County Commission meeting, and pouring over financials, budgets and official documents. In his due diligence he discovered many opportunities for improvement and saw many areas for growth. Matt Miller is very passionate about creating solutions for some of the problems he saw and has dedicated himself to helping to create a better way.


Matt strongly believes that we must return to the intentions of our founding fathers and restore our government by the integrity of the US Constitution. He believes that our government should be treated like a business and advocates for saving the taxpayers money by cutting out unnecessary spending,  and reforming policies and procedures that cause over-spending and waste. He believes that the budgets are artificially bloated due to lag times in budgetary projections for the future. He also see a great deal of inequity in the way that the budget is justified by how much is spent. He believes that, "The more we spend, the more we get" policy is a system that locks us into overspending and continually increasing the budget, warranted or not.


Matt Miller has observed first hand how difficult it can be for private industry to compete with the public. The local government does not adequately back business,  and in many instances over regulates. Matt would like to see more diversified industry in Lee County. Less government is certainly not a new platform, but this is perhaps the first time in the history of our government that we have had all the experiences, the opportunity and the means to truly effect this change. Matt Miller has the vision, the dedication and the determination to create a better way for the citizens of Southwest Florida.

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