Matt Miller is committed to making a real difference in the State of Florida. He has a passion to serve his community and a unique vision to bring about changes that will greatly improve our government.

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Endorsements for Matt Miller

Matt Miller for Florida Property Appraiser Lee County - 2020

"I have been working with Matt Miller since 1994. He is one of the most dependable, hard working men that I know. If Matt says that he will do something you can bank on it that he will. He always follows through on his word. Matt is a great asset to our community and would make an excellent county commissioner. Matt has my vote!" - Deanna K.


"Matt Miller really cares about the welfare of the people in our community. He has a real passion to help others and to use his talents and skills for the betterment of society, and not just his own personal agenda. He believes in fairness and equality for all and is willing to put in the effort and time to correct some of the policies in our government systems that are no longer working. He sees the big picture and yet understands the plight of the individual. He would bring much needed new energy and a new level of care and competency to Lee county." - Renee B.


"I have known Matt Miller since 2005. He is very dependable  and honest. He knows how to think for the working class people. I really hope that Matt Miller wins. He would be good for Lee county. He has my vote."  - Sean Goorsky


"Matt Miller is a fine person. He is very well spoken and greatly admired in the community. We've known Matt for 15 years. He's be great for Lee county because he is very connected to the community. He understands the needs of the people because he is a working class person and a business owner himself." ~ Dennis Hyder, East Side Rental



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  • Find the cause of water pollution source
  • Remove Common Core- Bring Back Local Control
  • Protect 2nd amendment right.

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