Matt Miller is committed to making a real difference in the State of Florida. He has a passion to serve his community and a unique vision to bring about changes that will greatly improve our government.

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for Property Appraiser

Matt Miller for Florida Property Appraiser Lee County - 2020

Matt Miller has been a citizen advocate of Lee County government for the last several years, regularly attending every County Commission meeting, and pouring over financials, budgets and official documents. In his due diligence he discovered many opportunities for improvement and saw many areas for growth. Matt Miller became very passionate about creating solutions for some of the problems he saw and has dedicated himself to helping to create a better way. As a businessman and owner of several successful companies, Matt believes that our government should be treated like a business and advocates for saving the taxpayers money by cutting out unnecessary spending,  and reforming policies and procedures that cause over-spending and waste.

  • Limited government
  • Efficient government
  • Responsible government
  • Responsive government


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  • Find the cause of water pollution source
  • Remove Common Core- Bring Back Local Control
  • Protect 2nd amendment right.


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